Forecasting and Cashflow

None of us has a crystal ball, yet financial forecasting is an important component of your business plan. This is particularly important if you are applying for a bank loan, you are looking to attract investors or you are writing a funding application.

Profit and Loss statements are a widely used format for clearly presenting financial information. By listing fixed and variable costs, it is possible to produce the details of current and projected expenses and this is counterbalanced by current and expected revenue. It is also possible for me to produce conservative and aggressive forecasts to give you a broader picture of how the business could develop.

Clarity on the current cash flow position is vital for understanding the financial health of your business. It ensures that you know that you have the ability to pay monies owed when they are due. Even profitable businesses can struggle with cash flow at certain times of the month or year and this can cause considerable stress. My financial services can give you visibility of these times and allow you to prepare in advance.

If your business could benefit from professionally prepared financial forecasts, and detailed rolling forecasts for both Profit and Loss and Cashflow, my skills and knowledge can be of great value. Let me support the financially informed development of your business operations.